Some Aspects of Reality Can be Known Others Cannot

The two fundamental forces were introduced on the last page now we can talk a bit about why there are things which can be known while other aspects cannot. The force of difference gives us the knowable and the force of connection gives us the unknowable. 

Meaning is the broad term I use for anything knowable. This can be a form, particle, value, quantity, word or a whole book. It is anything that can be said to have a specific property or can be captured as information. These known things come from differences within relative networks. They get properties by not being the rest of this network. Like the word having a meaning through not being the other words it is related to or a bit having the meaning of not being 1 or 0.  This in turn makes them seem like they are there own specific object but are really a manifestation of the whole network. 

We already discussed words and how they get meaning through their relationships to each other, so lets use a number. A number has its relationship to every other number included in what it is. Yet there are infinite numbers so therefore there are infinite relationships in any number. The thing is that while a number includes every other number it does not relate to them all the same. This is where the specific meaning comes from. 

The force of connection connects all the numbers together and it puts all numbers inside of every number. It is doing the relating but does not have the specific way the numbers relate because it is connecting to all numbers and everything else equally. As far as this force is concerned all numbers are the same thing, there is only one number with infinite depth. This is why there is aspects of reality which cannot be known. We can know a number but we cannot know the infinite relationships within that number. 

The way these forces present themselves in our reality is that they create what we call the present moment conscious experience. The parts within the present moment come from the force of difference and they give us meaning. The force of connection makes the present moment whole and makes everything in it infinitely deep which is what qualia is. The qualia connects everything together because there is a qualia of the wholeness as well as the parts. 

Example of What We Can Know and Not Know

The force of difference has our present moment broken into parts. This number of parts is far bigger than we can possibly comprehend. It is not just the big parts like the ones we see. On the feeling side the parts get smaller and complexity explodes. Our vision is more aligned with the force of difference which takes the infinite connection and puts it into individual chunks like a color. Feeling is more closely tied to the force of connection and the infinite connections spread out an create a more complex vibratory holistic state. 

We can know things through the force of difference. This is like how we can see a color and know that it is a visual experience of red. The red gets this meaning from not being green or orange or the smell of coffee. It has meaning from not being everything else in our relative network. But this does not actually describe what that red is like when it is experienced. This is something that comes from the force of connection and it is unknowable. 

Think of what it would be like to describe or know why red looks like it does when we see it. We would have to relate it to other things. This would never actually describe it because it would need to relate to infinite other things. We can tell this is true because of the way it is exactly what it is when experinced.

Qualia of present moment experience comes from infinite context of the whole of reality. To realize this is true just ask your self this: Is qualia of experience the exact thing it is when experienced? At the instant of having the experience is the qualia exactly what it is to an infinite degree? Is that not a way of describe what experience or consciousness actually is like? For something to be infinitely precisely like something, if only for an instant? 

Absolute Relativity proposes that what we think of as an ego having an experience is actually the way the force of connection relates everything to everything else. This makes everything infinitely precise and makes everything contain the whole of reality. This is why Qualia of present moment experience is the only thing that exists. Of course we can have an unsubstantiated belief that other things like material objects exist on their own but that belief will be made of qualia of present moment experience because everything is. 

I can know that red is not green or the feeling of my big toe but I cannot know why that color is the exact way it is. The only way to get meaning or information is by breaking the present moment into parts and relating them. Any of those parts will have the infinite force of connection inside of the and this will give us something unknowable. 

Something which is useful and interesting which comes from this is that feelings, which are more aligned to the force of connection, give us a different type of knowing. The present moment has infinite depth and our feelings sink farther into this depth then our thoughts and ideas do. The most important of these feelings is the feeling of existing which is where our present moment sinks like the singularity of a black hole into infinity. 

The Bridge Between Difference and Connection

The two forces of Absolute Relativity have a unique ability to shed light on very difficult things to understand. The reason is the way they exist in relation to each other. They are two forces and one force at the same time. We can use the analogy of a bridge to talk about this. 

On one side of the bridge we have difference, this makes the bridge have a specific form. The way one end is different from the other makes each side have specific properties. Side A has the property of not being Side B and Side B has the property of not being side A, this forms a bridge. This is only one side though, it is the side which finds itself on a side. No matter which side it finds itself on it is the side of difference because only the force of difference has this effect of creating sides.

The other side of the bridge is the connection side which is relativity itself. This side of the bridge is the opposite and is playing by opposite rules. That side sees both sides as the same thing because it is the relationship between the sides. The bridge is one complete whole in relation to it, without sides. This force is equally real. For something to be different then something else it must be connected to it, the connection is the force of connection. For a bridge to have two sides it must also be a whole or have a relationship between the sides. This relationship is equally both sides and cannot have the perspective of being on a side. 

If we are standing on one side of the bridge we will be on the side of difference. We may then look to the other side and see the force of connection on the other side but it we were to try and walk across it we would encounter infinity. We would ever approach the middle of the bridge. 

The point of this analogy of trying to cross the bridge to the side of connection is this: The force of connection can be seen as being its own separate force but this only exists from the force of difference. As far as the force of connection is concerned there isn’t two forces, or two of anything. It is the only thing there is because it connects to everything equally. You can likely see how this is very spiritual but it is also a logical explanation of our reality. The force of connection is the present moment and this is the only way I know of describing what that is which actually makes sense. 

The Bridge Between Science and Spirituality

These two forces and the analogies describing them may seem like they fit in the category of spiritual philosophy but they have actually come from thinking about electromagnetic radiation, space-time curvature and many other scientific models. These ideas may seem far away from the current science, this is because the current models are far away from being accurate descriptions of our reality. They are trying to describe a reality in which qualia of conscious experience does not exist. Yet we live in a reality where as far as we will ever be able to tell it is the only thing which does exists. 

Qualia is our direct link to the force of connection which is the present moment. Everything is qualia of present moment experience because that is how the force of connection works. It is everything but like a collection of all the parts, it is the thing of which everything is. The whole of reality is not the collection of everything that sits inside of it. This is a misconception of how things work tied to materialism.  Everything is an example of the whole of reality, everything is qualia of the present moment. None of those material objects are individual things because they are projections of qualia. 

This idea may seem like a spiritual belief not fact, but that’s backwards. It is the truest fact we will ever know. The idea there is a material environment on the other side of our experience is a belief, a belief that is unfounded. It only seems to make sense because we are stuck within a certain perception of how things work. 

The bridge between science and spirituality will come from bringing the full truth into these theories. The full truth acknowledges that consciousness and material reality are the same thing. If we want to have theories that actually describe the reality we find ourselves in we will need to include the fact that everything is made of qualia of present moment experience. That qualia has unknowable roots because it has infinite connection, only it’s relative differences can be known. 


INFINITE CONNECTION – A book based on this theory of Absolute Relativity which will be published in the near future. This first book based on this theory focuses on the spiritual implications of this understanding. It paints a picture that humanity is heading towards a spiritual singularity, an enlightenment of human consciousness on a holistic scale. 

This singularity will come from spiritual truths (similar to what the eastern philosophies and religions teach) becoming the underlying premise of the scientific endeavor. They will prove to be the most accurate way of conceptualizing how nature exists.  This will happen when what we are now calling consciousness comes to be recognized as nothing other then reality itself. Humanity will come to know that reality is more like an endlessly complex dream then something made of material objects. 

Infinite Connection the book outlines how spiritual truths fit into material science without going too deep into it. Instead it concentrates on commonsense evidence that anyone can see within their experience. It outlines how to see the spiritual truth in a rational evidence based way. It may ask for a radical view of how things work but will give all the evidence one need to see the truth in this. 

Infinite Connection also has practical guidance on how to use this understanding in our lives. I called this part Master Your Finite – Liberate Your Infinite. One of the core teachings is to find connection in the moment will making a difference that is unique to you over the passage of time. This taps into the full potential of the two sides of what we are. We are finite difference which plays out over time and we are infinite connection within the present moment. This could also be said as: find love in the moment and purpose over time. We can all find ourselves in a constant state of doing both of these simultaneously. 

To learn about Absolute Relativity and get an idea for what will be in the book take a look at what is here on this site. There will be consistent postings added over time. 

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