Transcendent Action of These Forces

There is something take takes place when conceptualizing these two forces which is a very big idea. It comes from the place where the forces are both one and two at the same time. Anyone can look and see why this sort of concept is relevant. This is clearly the way that our conscious experience is like. Everything is some how divided into individual parts and at the same time it is impossible to have separate parts. 

These ideas may not really register well if this is not something you have developed the ability to think about. The thing that will stand in the way here is the standard materialist perception of reality. I can say it is impossible to have separate parts in any way other then an unverifiable belief that there are separate parts. This can be seen to be one of the most foundational and verifiable facts but it is not easy to see that way. 

We may think our experience has separate parts. Like the way we see different objects or we have experiences that are separated by time. Yet when you see those objects are they not combined into the oneness of present moment experience? We see multiple objects but we see them as one experince. That oneness we think comes from being a separate individual ego is actually the opposite, it is the way the present moment has infinite connection. The infinite connection makes infinite precision of qualia. This is the qualia of the individual objects and also the qualia of the the objects together as one experience. 

We may think that we have different experiences at different times and therefore they are separate from each other. Yet this also is impossible. The only way to relate these experiences is to compare them as one whole in the present moment. We do not compare the qualia of the other moments but instead we compare the meaning of them which comes from the force of difference. We have a strong connection to the force of difference, what we would call the mind, and this allows us to have the perception we are comparing separate moments things yet it is impossible to actually separate them. 

The transcendent idea of this theory is what can allow us to make sense of this strange wholeness. Which will also shed light on this idea of consciousness and material reality. This is like a recognition of the real way connection works and a realization that it must be included in understanding what we are.

Understanding that Connection is Always Infinite

 If we have two different parts we also have a connection in which those two parts are one with each other. We tend to write off the connection in which the parts are one which each other and this has lead us to the egocentric perception. We are stuck only seeing parts and therefore we have become convinced this is all we are. We think the connection is less important or real, or we do not even recognize it’s existence. 

We see two objects and we assume that all there is two it, there are the objects and the air molecule between them. What we do not register is that the wholeness of the experience is what allows for this perception of different parts. What we really do not tend to know is that wholeness is coming from the whole of reality. Wholeness, or infinite connection, is not something that can divide itself and only be in one place it is one things which is equally everywhere and everything. The core spiritual concept within the book INFINITE CONNENTION is that this is what we sense as being a conscious ‘I’.

Absolute Relativity has found the way to think about this infinite spiritual truth in a way that is logical and consistent. The force of infinite connection is the relative opposite of the force of relative opposites. So it is consistent with this side of things which gives us thoughts, theories, information and meaning. Yet since it is the opposite it has the opposite property and therefore is not actually a separate force but instead it is the relativity which allows the force of difference to exist. It is the backdrop of connection. This allows us to understand deep spiritual truths and consciousness it gives us a conceptual framing of the whole of reality, which is the present moment, the ‘I’ we sense ourselves to be.  

Those two forces are a totally consistent and are an unbreakable foundation of understanding. All that is needed is to also accept that it is relativity of which reality is made of. 

From this understanding it is clear why connection is always infinite. This can be seen by better seeing how quantity and meaning come about. they come from relative difference but this cannot account for how those difference can connect to each other and exist. The connection, or relativity, of which the differences are always sitting in cannot be of the same thing they are. To see that the differences make specific separate parts is also to see that the connection is something opposite of this. 

Examples of the Forces

Masculine and Feminine

So far I have been using the example of present moment qualia to talk about the force of difference/connection because when it comes to connecting science and spirituality this is the most important. This surely isn’t the only example considering everything is an example of this. One place where these forces may make sense to people is in the way they present themselves in human social dynamics. This is the masculine and feminine. 

The masculine is the force of difference while the feminine is the force of connection. First thing to point out here is that both of these forces are equally present within everything while at the same time one of the forces may be the one which is more expressed while the other is more in the background. That IS what we find with the masculine and feminine within people. Some people are more feminine essence (often women but not always). Some are more masculine essence (often men but not always). 

Think about the relationship between a masculine essence person and a feminine essence person. The masculine will be more connected to the separate individuals in the relationship. While the feminine will consider the individuals to be one whole. The feminine will think about what one person is doing in relation to the couple as a whole. While the masculine will be more about the independent lives of two separate individuals. This is the way that the force of connection is the relativity, the relationship, or the wholeness. The force of difference is about how the differences create specific individual parts. 

The masculine perspective sees the world more objectivly, it divdies the world into sperate parts and then uses the clear distiction to see objective truths. This is what we call black and white perception. The feminine is more connected to the grey which is the relationship between black and white. The feminine will experinece less objective truth but more connection and wholeness. 

In a conversation between masculine and feminine there can be difficulty. The masculine is seeing thing through relative differences which creates clear meaning. The feminine is more about the connection of the present moment which aligns with feeling of the body not the minds meaning. The feminine will be more so going off of the feelings generated from what is being said and will consider herself more as on both sides rather then on an individual side. The masculine is like that side of the bridge where is only sees separate sides. It will see two separate individuals and it will be generating a lot of differences. The feminine will be connecting into the one consciousness expressing itself and the masculine will be seeing two separate minds with contrasted ideas. 

It is also clear why women are more aligned with the feminine force of connection (feminine). It is through the body of the women where we all connect into the rest of our life network. The women’s body has more connection into the network while the mans body has a more individual presence. Therefore women tend to have a stronger link to the force of connection while men tend to have a stronger link to the force of difference. 

Ego Consciousness

This example of the force of difference and connection is an important one. It is covered to some extent in the book INFINITE CONNECTION but there is a lot to say about it and deserves a book dedicated to just this. This is what I call the spectrum of ego consciousness. This is the the way everything we experience lies on a spectrum between the force of difference and the force of connection. They are both always present but different aspects connect more to one side or the other. 

On one side of this spectrum we have the force of difference, this gives us what I call meaning. Thoughts, mental framing, visual experience and the ego are all things over on this side of the spectrum.  On the other side we have the force of connection. Feelings and the qualia of present moment experience are on this side of the spectrum. 

Everything on the difference side of the spectrum can be seen as coming from relative differences that create meaning. The thing which Absolute Relativity wants people to see is that visual experience is on this side of the spectrum. Human consciousness is currently way over on this side of the consciousness spectrum. We live in the world we see, we believe our thoughts and mental framing are the only truth. a big factor here is language which is also much more connected to the force of difference. We use language a lot and this is one of the main reasons we have been moved so far to this Difference side of the spectrum. Unhealthy ego is the result of this imbalance. Perceiving things as different specific parts leads to the perception that there is an ego generating the present moment experience which is not how it works. 

The difference side of the spectrum gives us ego because it’s meaning gives us the story about being an individual living this particular life playing out over time. The imbalance of our perception has us convinced this is all we are which robs us of deep spiritual truth. The truth is that we are also the present moment. We are infinite and do not move through time. Time plays out as things change inside of the present moment but if we connect better to the present moment we connect to the infinite aspect of what we are which does not change. It is also true that we always find ourselves in the exact same place, in the infinite present moment. 

We are mostly living in the world we see and think. The visual experience represents things from the force of difference. This is why we see an environment and ourselves as an indivdiual embedded inside of this environment. We tend to be convinced this is the truth of how things are but it is plain to see that ia no where near the whole thruth. Just think of this. Our present moment experience has generated the whole visual experince not just the body we see in the mirror. It is the other objects and the space which those objects exist in. Space is an effect of present moment conscious experince. Not some thing experinces take place inside of. That is a totally backwards and false perception that most people tend to have. 

There is much to say about what is being discussed here and the next page will get a bit deeper into this. 


INFINITE CONNECTION – A book based on this theory of Absolute Relativity which will be published in the near future. This first book based on this theory focuses on the spiritual implications of this understanding. It paints a picture that humanity is heading towards a spiritual singularity, an enlightenment of human consciousness on a holistic scale. 

This singularity will come from spiritual truths (similar to what the eastern philosophies and religions teach) becoming the underlying premise of the scientific endeavor. They will prove to be the most accurate way of conceptualizing how nature exists.  This will happen when what we are now calling consciousness comes to be recognized as nothing other then reality itself. Humanity will come to know that reality is more like an endlessly complex dream then something made of material objects. 

Infinite Connection the book outlines how spiritual truths fit into material science without going too deep into it. Instead it concentrates on commonsense evidence that anyone can see within their experience. It outlines how to see the spiritual truth in a rational evidence based way. It may ask for a radical view of how things work but will give all the evidence one need to see the truth in this. 

Infinite Connection also has practical guidance on how to use this understanding in our lives. I called this part Master Your Finite – Liberate Your Infinite. One of the core teachings is to find connection in the moment will making a difference that is unique to you over the passage of time. This taps into the full potential of the two sides of what we are. We are finite difference which plays out over time and we are infinite connection within the present moment. This could also be said as: find love in the moment and purpose over time. We can all find ourselves in a constant state of doing both of these simultaneously. 

To learn about Absolute Relativity and get an idea for what will be in the book take a look at what is here on this site. There will be consistent postings added over time. 

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