The theory of Absolute Relativity can act as a link between scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom. It does this by building a bridge between the two fundamental aspects of our reality. I call these the finite force of relative difference and the infinite force of connection. 


These two forces are well known on the spiritual side but are not currently considered to be scientific. Our scientific models use three fundamental forces and gravity. Although they are clearly incomplete considering they say nothing about the present moment, qualia of experience or consciousness in general. 

Sometimes less is more and these two forces are able to cover aspects of reality that the 3 (4 if you include gravity) forces of the standard model of physics cannot. I believe that solving the mysteries in physics will take a radically new foundation of how reality functions. There will be two forces and these two forces are not like the ones we currently have. These two forces will be part of the underlying philosophy but not used directly used to measure and predict the way the forces are now. 

The best known example of the two fundamental forces in the spiritual side of things is yin and yang of Taoism. Yin being the feminine and yang being the masculine. While Absolute Relativity has many things in common with that philosophy it also has some big differences. I want to point out that this is not meant to be an improvement on those philosophies. It only improves the connection to rational thought. 

Absolute Relativity has two forces that are similar to yin and yang but have a different property which allows the mysterious Tao to be worked into the forces. 

The yin force is the force of infinite connection, which we can call the force of connection. The yang force is the force of finite relative differences, which we can call the force of difference. The combination of these two forces account for the infinite backdrop which they emerge, this comes from the force of connection. They also account for the way things are expressed in the world, this is the force of difference.

It is not that the mysterious is ruled out, it is the opposite of that. It is included into the forces themselves. The forces describe what the mysterious is all about. This allows our mind to see that what we can call spiritual wisdom is true and can be backed up and verified through modeling, experimenting and observing.

Finite Force of Relative Difference

The force of difference, the masculine or yang force, is the easy one to describe because as human being is what we are currently very familiar with. A good way to describe how this force works is with information or language. This force is the way a word or a bit of information have a specific property. That property comes from not being the other possibilities, other possible words or bits. This force makes individual parts which seem to hold their own properties. Although they are not actually individual objects they are the collection of their relationships.

The force of difference is what we experience as meaning or anything that can be described or specified. It is called the force of difference because it makes things a particular way through difference. Like the way a word has meaning by not being all of the other words in some particular context. Or a number has a value by not being all of the other numbers in some particular order. 

The way this force gets modeled in the the theory is through relative networks we can think of this like the close relationships that make something like it is. This is like the language that makes the words have meaning. The relationships of the words come into play to give each word its meaning. The relative network is the collection of all of the relationships of how the words relate to each other. The way these networks are modeled is still in the works and far to difficult to try and describe here. 

The core principle of this theory is that everything is pure relativity. Therefore the objects or words may have specific form or meaning but not and independent existence. They are purely the relationships the rest of the relative network they are part of. The relationships have no size and can sit inside of a form, like a word or material object. This is not the way most people think of how things work and it is the opposite of how the materialist paradigm views reality to exist. Nothing contains its properties inside of it.

The force of difference manifests specific meaning, which can be a material object, words or anything else that has a specific form, value or way of being. We mistakenly think that the forms or objects have their own independent existence but in reality they stretch out over infinite relationships. This is proven to be true through the observations of quantum mechanics, although this is not yet properly modeled and appreciated. This can also be seen more easily through the way everything exists as present moment qualia. 

The Infinite Force of Connection

The force of connection (yin or feminine) is not going to be as easy to understand as the force of difference. Yet it is important that we learn how to understand this. The force of connection is like the relativity itself. It is everything but not like anything itself. It is the relationships, the connection. In our reality it is the present moment. 

The force of connection is in everything but it is not like anything. The present moment is always indivisible. There can be separate parts inside of it but they will be combined into one present moment experience, they will be different parts and one at the same time. This is the two forces at play, they are always both present within everything.   

The thing that makes the force of connection really special is that it has no separation from itself. All relationships are the same infinitely deep relationship. This is why all reality sits in the present moment experience. 

The force of connection takes everything and puts it inside of everything. This is actually logical if you accept that reality is pure relativity. The force of difference makes parts because it causes relationship to clump up into networks. The relevant examples of this for us would be the networks that give us a body, a life network and the cosmos. Those three networks are not made of material objects they are made of huge numbers of relationships within relative networks. The material objects are just manifestations relevant to the present moment experiences that observe them. 

The force of connection has infinite oneness with itself. The relationships which are doing the relating are not like anything themselves and therefore the force of difference does not give them specific form, position or value. Since reality is relativity these relationships are as real as anything else. They are real but do not have any specific form or meaning and therefore no separation. They cross all barriers and connect everything to everything else. This in turn puts everything into everything 



INFINITE CONNECTION – A book based on this theory of Absolute Relativity which will be published in the near future. This first book based on this theory focuses on the spiritual implications of this understanding. It paints a picture that humanity is heading towards a spiritual singularity, an enlightenment of human consciousness on a holistic scale. 

This singularity will come from spiritual truths (similar to what the eastern philosophies and religions teach) becoming the underlying premise of the scientific endeavor. They will prove to be the most accurate way of conceptualizing how nature exists.  This will happen when what we are now calling consciousness comes to be recognized as nothing other then reality itself. Humanity will come to know that reality is more like an endlessly complex dream then something made of material objects. 

Infinite Connection the book outlines how spiritual truths fit into material science without going too deep into it. Instead it concentrates on commonsense evidence that anyone can see within their experience. It outlines how to see the spiritual truth in a rational evidence based way. It may ask for a radical view of how things work but will give all the evidence one need to see the truth in this. 

Infinite Connection also has practical guidance on how to use this understanding in our lives. I called this part Master Your Finite – Liberate Your Infinite. One of the core teachings is to find connection in the moment will making a difference that is unique to you over the passage of time. This taps into the full potential of the two sides of what we are. We are finite difference which plays out over time and we are infinite connection within the present moment. This could also be said as: find love in the moment and purpose over time. We can all find ourselves in a constant state of doing both of these simultaneously. 

To learn about Absolute Relativity and get an idea for what will be in the book take a look at what is here on this site. There will be consistent postings added over time. 

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