Ego consciousness spectrum

I use the phrase ego consciousness to represent the way the force of difference/connection represents itself in our life. Ego is the force of difference and consciousness is the force of connection. 

Ego consciousness spectrum is a range of our consciousness. From force of difference to force of connection, everything we experience falls along this spectrum. I may speak about the connection side as if it is on a side but it is not how it works. It is the infinite depth of the present moment and therefore the depth of the spectrum. I talk about the connection side rather than saying depth because we use the force of difference to talk and from that side the force of connection is a different side, like the bridge analogy.

If you think of a continuum, like a grayscale. The connection side is the infinite depth of this scale while any size or length along the scale is the force of difference (ego). Moving from difference to connection means sinking into the continuum rather than moving along it. On the greyscale moving along it would be a difference between white and black, moving into it would be moving into the infinite depth within everything. Within ego consciousness this means moving from relative differences between the parts of our consciousness to the infinite depth of the qualia. Aspects of our consciousness are doing more of one or the other. 

The different sides of the spectrum give opposite representations of the world

The different sides of this spectrum give opposite representations of the world. Yet we tend to only recognize one of them because our consciousness is imbalanced to the ego side. A very easy way to see how this works is that it is the way our vision represents the world. We see a material environment with ourselves as a material object embedded within it. This is the ego’s perception of what we are, an individual separate object.

The representation of reality from the consciousness side of the spectrum is the opposite of the way the ego side sees it. Yet many people do not have much awareness of this side, even though it is just as valid as the ego side.

Feelings are on the consciousness side of the spectrum. If we were to experience our lives through feeling only, no vision or the mental framework, there would be no perception of separate individual objects. From feeling alone everything would be the same whole, there would not be an ego at all. Think about this a bit. How could you conceive of different objects when everything is an experience of feeling? There is no way within that to have separate ego or objects.

The world of oneness from only feeling seems like it comes from a lack of awareness. It seems as though we would be missing the necessary ability to perceive how the world is actually made of separate objects. That is not it. These are both equally true aspects of how reality exists with a different side or force being highlighted.

The reason it seems like the world is separate individual objects comes from our imbalanced perception of the world. We see the world as separate individual objects and do not recognize that this is coming from the wholeness of our consciousness. All of those objects and the space in which they exist are made of our present moment conscious experience. The way feeling perceives the world is true, we just do not think of it that way. We perceive ourselves as an individual inside of our conscious experience and do not realize that we are our consciousness as well.

The connection side of our ego consciousness is giving us an accurate (although one-sided) perception of how reality works. It is highlighting the way everything is a part inside of the present moment experience. The way this works is that it puts connection as the backdrop and then any different parts are differences within that connected whole. On the other side of the spectrum it is difference which is the backdrop. The differences are considered real and the connection is ignored so we experience separate individual objects. Through this imbalance the ego takes credit it should not have for the connection of present moment consciousness.

We Give The Ego Credit For What Does Not Belong To It

We have an experience that always has an unbreakable wholeness to it, this comes from the force of connection. Yet we attribute this to the ego and the force of difference. We think that we are having a united experience because we are a united individual, this is actually the opposite of how it works. The connected wholeness of the present moment experience comes from having no disconnect or separation from anything. 

Being a separate individual in this particular life circumstance comes from the force of difference, the ego side of the spectrum. Think about what makes this that way. It is the relative differences that creates meaning as was already discussed. The force of difference gives us the perception of being this particular ego, in this particular life. That is not what gives us the experience of being a conscious observer, it comes from the force of connection.

The force of connection connects everything to everything else. This makes everything infinitely precise and makes a reality of qualia. Qualia can always seem like it is being experienced by an ego. That perception comes from the way that infinite precision is like an infinite point, that infinite point is like being an infinite point. That is what we think of as being an ‘I’ having an experience. This is why the ego can think it is a whole of some type. It perceives that infinite point and attributes it to the relative difference which emerges inside of it. That is backwards from how it works.  

Another way to say this is that the story and meaning we experience give us the individual life we find ourselves living but that is not what puts us there in the story. It is infinite connection of a relative reality, the way the whole of reality sits inside of present moment experience, this makes a conscious being find itself in that story. Qualia of the present moment comes with the ‘I’ having an experience built into what it is.

The postings here so far has barely scratched the surface of the Theory of Absolute Relativity. I will be improving these posts and adding much more over time. There is a lot to be said about how this theory relates to our current scientific models, spiritual implications, life guidance and the spiritual singularity. 

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INFINITE CONNECTION – A book based on this theory of Absolute Relativity which will be published in the near future. This first book based on this theory focuses on the spiritual implications of this understanding. It paints a picture that humanity is heading towards a spiritual singularity, an enlightenment of human consciousness on a holistic scale. 

This singularity will come from spiritual truths (similar to what the eastern philosophies and religions teach) becoming the underlying premise of the scientific endeavor. They will prove to be the most accurate way of conceptualizing how nature exists.  This will happen when what we are now calling consciousness comes to be recognized as nothing other then reality itself. Humanity will come to know that reality is more like an endlessly complex dream then something made of material objects. 

Infinite Connection the book outlines how spiritual truths fit into material science without going too deep into it. Instead it concentrates on commonsense evidence that anyone can see within their experience. It outlines how to see the spiritual truth in a rational evidence based way. It may ask for a radical view of how things work but will give all the evidence one need to see the truth in this. 

Infinite Connection also has practical guidance on how to use this understanding in our lives. I called this part Master Your Finite – Liberate Your Infinite. One of the core teachings is to find connection in the moment will making a difference that is unique to you over the passage of time. This taps into the full potential of the two sides of what we are. We are finite difference which plays out over time and we are infinite connection within the present moment. This could also be said as: find love in the moment and purpose over time. We can all find ourselves in a constant state of doing both of these simultaneously. 

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