DMT - for Healing and Growth


*This is not medical advice. I am only expressing my opinions on this matter. 

We are in a psychedelic revolution. The genie is out of the bottle and it is not going back! Learn how we can use DMT for Healing and Growth

While Ayahuasca and magic mushrooms are becoming well known for psychedelic therapy, it is DMT that may be the game changer. Yet the potential of DMT (the smokeable active substance in Ayahuasca) is yet to be realized on a large scale.

Holding in a puff of DMT for about 10 seconds may be taboo and mysterious at the moment. I see a future where it is just as accepted as going to church is today.

Psychedelic medicine gain their healing power from the way that we set up and integrate the experience, this is why DMT is special. The DMT experience is relatively fast and remarkably powerful. This gives us the ability to add a more purposeful intention to the process. This in turn gives DMT the potential of being highly effective for healing, growth and well-being. Although we must be aware that those positive effects are totally dependent on what we put into it.

The healing power of DMT is effective, practical and potent when combined with the right approach.

Psychedelics have been a big part of the transformation I have lived through. From dark times of violence, crime and addictive drugs to a deep and meaningful life of love and purpose. For over a decade I have been practicing intentional psychedelic experiences both for myself and helping guide others. To inquire about guidance services head to the Psychedelic Guidance page. For me it is the mushrooms in which I feel the deepest connection but DMT is where I see the most potential to transform the consciousness of humanity.

 In this article I will give a brief outline of why and what DMT has to offer human consciousness. Before getting into all of that know this: 

All psychedelics are powerful agents of consciousness and they should be treated with respect! It is not the material substances that deserve reverence, it is what lies on the other side of them!!


The DMT journey is powerful on its own but what we get from it depends on what we give it. If we add knowledge, effort, openness, wisdom and reverence then DMT will give us growth, healing and a more purpose filled life. It will give us harmony and love. It will give us the perception of higher consciousness.

Most of the Psychedelic therapy can be disruptive to our lives. If a big change is needed then this is best but that is not the only way these medicines can be used. A trip to the rainforest of South America is not always an option. Even an intentional mushroom journey needs the better part of a day set aside. DMT on the other hand can be much more practical and still reap the same rewards.

An example of the unique way I used DMT for Healing and Growth

I spent the last 6 out of 7 months with my sister who was in and out of ICU going through many surgeries. Then the last month processing her passing. This was a real nightmare of a situation and it came with a lot of emotion to process. DMT helped me go through this situation without becoming overwhelmed or feeling stuck in the negative side of all that. I was able to process what I had to and be there for the ones that needed me. 

When my sister first went into the hospital that I called upon DMT for help. After coming back from the hospital I would write out an intention and do a DMT session while using my inner balance biofeedback device ( This allowed my body to align and process the situation while my perspective was guided in a spiritual direction.

Psychedelics can help us process past unresolved trauma; they can also help us process emotion in the present to prevent unresolved trauma. At the same time they align us with the spiritual layer of consciousness.

If it wasn’t for DMT I would not have used psychedelics to help me through this situation in this way. Doing a full immersive mushroom or ayahuasca session is a real undertaking and I don’t think I would have been up for it. Those longer sessions are not as good for processing current situations, they are better suited for resolving past traumas and aligning us with a higher purpose.  Meditation and microdosing are very helpful for processing our present circumstance but they are not as effective as intentional DMT sessions.

I’m sure that anyone who knows of DMT knows of its power and anyone who has experienced it most definitely does. The precision is not as well known. The example I just mentioned gives one way DMT can be used precisely yet there is another more significant way.

We can use the faster transition in and out of the DMT for Healing and Growth. It allows us to add more intention and direction towards the areas we would like to see results.


The way psychedelic medicine allows us to heal and grow comes in a three step process. The before, during and after. We start with an intention which shapes the experience and then we integrate that experience into our lives.

If you want more information on the process of using psychedelic medicine for healing and growth click on this link for a free DIY guide to psychedelic healing – DIY Psychedelic Guide

What we put into the psychedelic session before and after is what determines what we get from it. Since the immersive DMT experience has such a short duration (somewhere between a few minutes and a half hour depending on the dose) there is more chance to have this before and after. Therefore more potential to guide the medicine towards our purpose.

The most eye-opening journey I’ve had came from five successive DMT sessions which left me in awe. It was so far beyond the typical human state of consciousness that I will only need to access 1% of it to dramatically change me for the better. I will post an article describing this journey in the near future.


These five sessions played out over a couple hours. Each one had intention and integration. The integration after each session gave the intention for the next one. In the end it was a door to the infinite, it led me to a type of acceptance that we could not know exists unless experienced. 

I use the word acceptance here because it is the best suited but the word does not touch what I am talking about. These are words and that was more like feelings that hold wisdom. It was like being able to know everything that has ever and could ever happen and see it has to be the exact way it is. The idea that anything could be different was so clearly an illusion we have. I knew this with what seemed like infinite certainty and that gave me the feeling of infinite freedom which was also bliss.

I had no clue that acceptance goes that deep. I got to see that freedom, oneness, acceptance  and bliss are the same thing. .

The way these sessions compounded with each other was the only way I was going to reach that height of consciousness. I have come to the same door within other sessions but was unable to open it. The process of integrating and then going back in was the key that opened that door.

If we want psychedelic sessions to help us grow we must get what happens within out into our lives.

The difficulty with getting the experiences mixed into our lives is that they can be so disconnected from our typical consciousness. This is why less can be more. I use about half or a bit more (10-20mg) of the normal DMT dose for these sessions. Starting lower and then increasing a bit each time. The lower dose allows more ego connection to the experience, which is what we want for growth.

The shorter DMT sessions also let us get more of the experience out but only if we pull it out with lots of notes and journaling. Like a dream the sessions will vanish back to where they once came. This is why we put in work, connecting to them with our intention ahead of time and the integration after.  

We should not fear these gifts that nature put here for us but we most definitely should respect them. There is loads of potential using DMT for Healing and Growth but always remember:

All psychedelics are powerful agents of consciousness and they should be treated with respect! It is not the material substances that deserve reverence, it is what lies on the other side of them!!

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