To give us a philosophical foundation which accounts for all of our current scientific observations (the current foundation of a reality which is made of individual material objects does not hold up to observation) 

To be a conceptual framework that can account for what we now call material reality and consciousness. (A theory that will help us get beyond the materialist paradigm and will include qualia of present moment experience)

To give us an understanding that allows for both spirituality and quantifiable material scientific theory to go hand in hand. To have both sides aligned and supportive of the other.

To make fundamental spiritual truths facts as well as beliefs

To allow us to see more clearly what we cannot understand, see the limits of mind based knowledge.

Ultimately these ideas are meant to help bring about spiritual awakening of human consciousness as a whole which in turn will lead to harmony within our life network


Many who read that intended purpose will be thinking, ‘Yeah right, that’s unrealistic!’. It is no doubt a tall order but to that I would say ‘Why not?’ I can see this clear as day, where we are, how all of that is possible and how to get there. Yet if I am the only one who can see it then it is obviously not going to happen.

If these ideas are going to serve their purpose then someday they will need to become the foundation of human consciousness. This wisdom surely does not belong to anyone and I do not want these to be considered my ideas. My hope is that there are other people now or in the future that understand all of this far better than I do. This is the only way they will have the effect they are meant to.

Ego centric view of reality and mateialism

The current stage of human consciousness is dominated by the materialist paradigm which is also an egocentric view of reality. We consider ourselves to be a material object in an environment of material objects. This may have its usefulness and there is some truth to this but it is not the whole truth, not even close.

The ego centric perspective and materialism are more or less the same thing. They have close ties to language, the mind and visual experience. Our reliance on thoughts, language and visual representation (which is mostly represents our mental construct of the world) have skewed our perception and made our consciousness very imbalanced. We are so convinced that we are our material individual body yet that means we are totally unaware that we are our consciousness not just a body inside of that consciousness. 

We are seeing separate parts yet moving into the wisdom of connection

We are not just an object inside of our conscious experience we are the conscious experience as well. We have a gapping blind spot, we believe that things exist independent of the experience of them existing. Even though there is no conceivable way to back that up and there is mounting evidence that is not how things work. But that is the thing with perception, once your in it it shapes your total view including beliefs. 

The Theory of Absolute Relativity brings forth the wisdom of connection in a way which can be theorized and modeled. This is the sort of thing which can be found in eastern spiritual philosophy. Yet those ways of capturing that wisdom does not connect to the more rigorous and quantifiable scientific method. The connection is there between observations of nature and deep spiritual truth we just need the right model which can act as a bridge between the two. 

We are moving into an age where this wisdom is emerging and very needed. We have become a disease like presence within our life network and it is the connection between spiritual wisdom and scientific theory which can bring us back to harmony. This division is a problem. The power of material knowledge has been fragmented from spiritual wisdom. It is important when holding that power one also obtains the wisdom, if not then imbalance will arise, which we can currently see happening. 

Understanding the mystery of consciousness is to understand connection

We have been theorizing and building knowledge with one hand tied behind our back. The present moment conscious experience holds much of the evidence we need to gain a deeper understanding of our life and our reality. Yet the scientific theories have mostly excluded all of this evidence which surely will not give us accurate models. They are only accurate at specific controlled circumstance yet lack the ability to give a untied view of our existence.  

Although the egocentric perception is currently holding us back it is a necessary step in the direction to a higher consciousness. Those who think these ambitions are unrealistic must be missing this. Our current materialistic scientific observations are leading us to transcendence of that perception.

We have had this idea that spirituality and science must be separated because they are opposite yet this is impossible. That has led us to the unhealthy egocentric belief system. First let’s talk about what is meant by spirituality.


Spirituality is not religion. Religion is something that may or may not lead someone to spiritual wisdom.

Spirituality – That which transcends ego and mind based knowledge. Knowledge of the mind is based on duality, it is relative in the big picture. Spirituality is the opposite of that; it is infinite at its core and it cannot be described or captured in anything based on relative opposites like language, thoughts or theories do. It is accessible through present moment qualia of experience only.

To understand spirituality we must contrast it with our mind based knowledge. One important thing to point out here is that our visual processing is of the mind, so when I speak of thoughts I am also talking about visual perception. On the other side of that is feeling and this is where the spiritual wisdom comes from.

This is an important insights that this theory has to offer. What we feel transcends what we think and say. In fact any qualia of present moment experience transcends our thoughts, knowledge, theories and languages. Feelings are mostly made of qualia rather than relative differences between qualia. 

Our thoughts, knowledge, theories, language, information and vision (I call all of this meaning) are mostly made from relating qualia as separate parts to each other. Here we have the core idea of Absolute Relativity, this is the two fundamental forces at play. The force of difference which gives us meaning and the force of connection which gives us the present moment and its qualia. These can both be understood as how a reality of pure relativity would be expected to be. 


Absolute Relativity has it’s core principle there in its name. The only thing which we can know to be absolute is relativity itself. It proposes that this should be the foundational concept. The foundation which replaces the material one we currently have. The reason this foundation is far superior is that it lets us see this idea of consciousness in a whole new light. It allows material science and present moment experience into one understanding. 

A very brief and oversimplified description of how this works goes like this:

If reality is pure relativity then this leads to a connection which transcends separation. We can contrast with the materialist framing to see how this works. In the material reality it is difference which is the foundation. Everything is firstly different objects which then come together in the background of space and time. 

If reality is fundamentally relative then it is connection which takes the foundational role. Everything in reality comes from its relationship to everything else. In this way everything contains everything else because it connects to everything else. The are no separate objects because a thing is nothing but it relationships. There is a phrase which we are all familiar with that captures this, the present moment. The existence of the present moment and our inability to say anything else exists is undeniable evidence that reality is pure relativity. 

I want you to see how this is the truth about how things work. The materialist paradigm has separate parts being the backdrop of reality. Absolute Relativity has connection being the backdrop. It is the present moment which is this backdrop of connection. This leads to a question we can ask ourselves. Is it  backdrop of difference or is it a backdrop of connection? Two ways of seeing the same thing but with dramatically different effects. 

Perceiving the back drop of difference comes from a belief that the material reality we see is there independent of experiencing it. Which gives way to a belief that reality is made of separate objects. What we should see is that any separation or difference must and only exists within the connection of the present moment. It is always connection which is the backdrop, we can call this the present moment or consciousness but it simply is the reality we find ourselves in. 

We can ask the question about the backdrop being different parts or connection another way. Do things always exist within the connection of the present moment or not? As far as we know they do and this means it is connection which is the backdrop and difference sits inside of it. These sorts of concepts are not easy and may not click for many right away but I put them in for those that will get it. 


A reality of pure relativity has everything contained inside of everything else. Think of what it means for something to be relative. It means that thing is the way it is through its relationships. So pure relativity would have things which are purely relationships and not anything other then that, no independent existence. This describes a reality of consciousness. Everything would be a matter of context or as we call it perception. 

The purely relative backdrop creates infinite connection. It makes a reality where everything has infinite connections and therefore infinite context. That infinite context leads to infinite precision. This is also a reality of consciousness, we call that infinite precision an experience or qualia of experience. 

Qualia is infinite precision

Qualia is what present moment consciousness is made of. The way a color looks in the moment of seeing it is a good example or the way a sound sounds when experienced. We mistakenly think that these experiences come from separation. From being a separate ego with our own individual experience. They are actually the exact opposite of that, they are infinite connection. 

The present moment is the infinite connection of a purely relative reality. It contains infinite information. This is why there will never be information which can describe the way a color looks in the moment of experiencing it. It transcends quantity because it is the infinite connection inherent in the present moment. Each present moment experience contains all others through its relative connection to them. Each present moment is the whole of reality and this is why there are no individual present moments they blend into each other in a way which makes them impossible to say they are separate individual things because they are not. Each one is the infinite manifestation of all that exists. 

Think about the experience of a color. It is the exact thing it is, it has no meaning until we give it meaning. It is pure infinite precision there cannot be an explanation of why it is the way it is that will actually describe the qualia of it. We can only describe the relative differences within the present moment not the qualia of which it is made of. There is no description which will capture what a color looks like. It would take infinite words to do such a thing.

Now bring awareness to the way it seems like that precise qualia comes from you as an ego. It seems like it is that way it is because I am an individual with my own individual experience. Yet this is the opposite of how it works. That infinite precision of the qualia comes with the perception of being experienced because that observer is just the infinite connection of it. Since the whole of reality sits inside of it, its existence comes with an effect of being individually experienced. 


The qualia of a color is only used to give and idea of what qualia is. This is not really the qualia that matters it is only easier to work with. The real qualia is not these individual things like sounds or colors, it is the qualia of the whole present moment experience. This is also a qualia but much more complex. Everything we see, hear, smell and feel combine to create a qualia of present moment experience. It can be very hard to see it this way because we are so used to breaking it into parts to create meaning. 

Spiritual practices like mindfulness meditation are all about access the qualia of the whole present moment. Like seeing the color of now rather then the story we get from breaking that color into parts. This can relieve the ego pressure we put onto our life. This taps us into the the more accurate version of what we are. The version of ourselves that Absolute Relativity models us to be.

The qualia of the present moment has infinite precision through it’s infinite context within pure relativity. The present moment is just this relativity. What plays out inside of it is a different story. What we will come to appreciate is that the ‘I’ having the experience is not coming from being a separate individual it is that infinite connection, the infinite context and infinite precisions of the present moment. The self we sense that we are does not come from being a material individual living a life over time. it comes from the way every thing is connected and sits inside of itself. 

To be a conscious being is to be the whole of reality. That is exactly what it is like. Think about this, is that not what it is like. Do you not sense that you are is some sort of whole reality. We do not usually admit to this but the ego side of us considers itself to be the whole of everything as far as it is concerned. We can clearly see that this is not true so we do not give it real truth but it is there within us. 

Many people think of the ego transcendence of losing the idea of self but I do not think of it like that . I would say it is the opposite of that. It is seeing the truth about self, that the self is the whole of reality and then putting this aspect of what we are into its proper place. We tend to mistakenly think the self in our consciousness is the individual we see in the mirror, the specific life we find ourselves in. That is not the self its just the particular life we are finding the self in. The self is the wholeness and connection of the present moment. It is the way our present moment experience is the exact way that it is. This comes with the perception of a self inside of it but there is no self in there. The self is that experience.

Another way to describe this transcendence of ego is to stop finding ourselves as the individual inside of our conscious experience and instead finding ourselves as the conscious experience. This does not mean losing that other view it only means seeing the truth of how it works. The other view, the one we visually see, has us a an individual embedded within our present moment conscious experience. This is equally important to see and appreciate it just does not describe the ‘I’ we sense ourselves to be. It describes the circumstance ‘I’ find myself in. This is a very big difference. 

If I think I am that ego embedded in the experience I am having then I will think I can die, I will think I am not you, I will think I am nothing but an individual object. This perception is wrong. Us human beings consider ourselves to be intelligent beings yet when it comes to this most fundamental concept we couldn’t be more off. 

This is plain to see once understood

Ask yourself this: Is the reason you find yourself in the experience you are having right because that experience is exactly what it is? The exact thing you are seeing and hearing, the exact feeling you have of being the person you are, is what puts you there in the experience? If the experience was changed would you not find yourself in that different experience?

Now ask this: Do you find yourself there in your experience because the experience is exactly what it is? That you are there because of the infinite precision like the way a color is exactly what it is when experienced? If those things are accepted to be reasonable then the next step is not hard to see either. The ‘I’ you sense yourself to be, not the circumstance of your life, but instead what its like to be a conscious being. That ‘I’ comes from the way the present moment is infinitely precise.

The ‘I’ we all sense is not coming from being separate individuals living separate lives it is coming from the way all of reality is contained within every present moment experience. That is what transcendence of the ego means to me. Not a lose of the self just a finding of the self in the right place.

If we can find ourselves in this way will see the ego for what it actually is. It is the particular circumstance we are finding ourselves in. It is not the ‘I’ we sense ourselves to be, there is only one of those and it is the present moment. 


This philosophy is designed to build a bridge between quantifiable scientific theory and deep spiritual truths like the ones just discussed. How that works is not something which can easily be described. The more this theory relates to the scientific ones the more complex and difficult it becomes so that will not be described in detail. Instead I will give some brief outlines of how this works.  

On the next page there will be a very short outline of the two fundamental forces of Absolute Relativity the page after that will discuss how they can build a bridge between science and spirituality. 


INFINITE CONNECTION – A book based on this theory of Absolute Relativity which will be published in the near future. This first book based on this theory focuses on the spiritual implications of this understanding. It paints a picture that humanity is heading towards a spiritual singularity, an enlightenment of human consciousness on a holistic scale. 

This singularity will come from spiritual truths (similar to what the eastern philosophies and religions teach) becoming the underlying premise of the scientific endeavor. They will prove to be the most accurate way of conceptualizing how nature exists.  This will happen when what we are now calling consciousness comes to be recognized as nothing other then reality itself. Humanity will come to know that reality is more like an endlessly complex dream then something made of material objects. 

Infinite Connection the book outlines how spiritual truths fit into material science without going too deep into it. Instead it concentrates on commonsense evidence that anyone can see within their experience. It outlines how to see the spiritual truth in a rational evidence based way. It may ask for a radical view of how things work but will give all the evidence one need to see the truth in this. 

Infinite Connection also has practical guidance on how to use this understanding in our lives. I called this part Master Your Finite – Liberate Your Infinite. One of the core teachings is to find connection in the moment will making a difference that is unique to you over the passage of time. This taps into the full potential of the two sides of what we are. We are finite difference which plays out over time and we are infinite connection within the present moment. This could also be said as: find love in the moment and purpose over time. We can all find ourselves in a constant state of doing both of these simultaneously. 

To learn about Absolute Relativity and get an idea for what will be in the book take a look at what is here on this site. There will be consistent postings added over time. 

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